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55,322 Illegal Alien Criminals = 459,614 Arrests

I ran across a Government Accounting Office report for Congress that aimed to answer the following three questions:

- How many times have they been arrested?
- How many and what type of criminal offences have they been arrested for?
- What states were they arrested in?

The answers are kind of shocking. In their investigation, they identified 55,322 criminals who were in jail during the investigation who were identified as entering the country illegally, in other words "Criminal Illegal Aliens".

How many times have they been arrested?
- This group of 55,322 criminal illegal aliens had been arrested a total of 459,614 times.
- 97% of those arrested had been arrested more than once.
- 58% had six or more arrests!

How many and what type of criminal offences have they been arrested for?
- They were charged with close to 700,000 crimes. (Average 13/criminal)
- 24% were drug related.
- 12% were for Murder, robbery, assault, and sexually related crimes.

The report notes that this is the minimum number of crimes that they had been charged with as seven states only report the first crime that a person is charged with, not all.
What states were they arrested in?
- Not surprisingly, 58% were arrested in California.
- 14% were arrested in Texas.
- 8% in arizona.
That is 80% of all arrests.
Just image how many illegal alien criminal arrests there would be in California if the state was less inclined to tolerate their presence.

I am not sure that I can add much commentary to this. The numbers are telling enough on their own. This is an example of the crime element that is hiding among the illegal alien population. The report states that the date cannot be used to extrapolate or make estimates. (So we can't say that "not bad considering there are an estimated 12 million illegals.") I wonder, this is the state of crime in states that have the most illegal alien residents. If Congress were to legalize their presence, once would expect (former) illegal aliens to migrate throughout the country. How much will the criminal element within the group spread with them? They also note that an arrest does not mean a conviction.

Also, 58% of this group was arrested 6 or more times. How many times were they deported? If they were deported once and returned, that is a felony. What kind of prison sentences do they receive? How often are they release without being prosecuted? I would think that six arrests would label these people as extremely undesirable and that the government would do their best to keep them behind bars.

Information on Certain Illegal Aliens Arrested in the United States (PDF) - GAO

Government Accountability Office


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