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Feingold 2008: R.I.P.

The road to the Presidency is littered with the failed campaigns of those who desired the job. Many never had a chance. However, Senator Feingold seems destined to sabotage his campaign before it even gets off the ground. His attempt to get the Senate to censure the President has turned into Presidential campaign suicide.

Sure, there are many (moonbats) who would love for this to happen and applaud the Senator for his actions. However, despite the moonbats being a vocal group, their true support come election day is pretty damn thin, especially once you dilute the Democrat voting pool with Republicans and others who are determined to see you lose. (See Kerry 2004)

I will give credit to Senator Feingold for visiting Afghanistan and Iraq. (Not that you would know it from the lack of pictures.) But I wonder if he was paying attention while he was over there. You know, going to visit the mass graves and so on.

The Senator apparently would bring his own ties to the Middle East if he ever manages to win the White House. I only mention this since the Congress has all of a sudden demonized all Middle East Countries.

So what is the issue here? Lets look at the Resolution:

Resolved, That the United States Senate does hereby censure George W. Bush, President of the United States, and does condemn his unlawful authorization of wiretaps of Americans within the United States without obtaining the court orders required by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, his failure to inform the full congressional intelligence committees as required by law, and his efforts to mislead the American people about the authorities relied upon by his Administration to conduct wiretaps and about the legality of the program.

Now we already know that this resolution has NO SUPPORT. The Republicans wanted to vote on the resolution but this has not happened because the Democrat leadership has done everything possible to prevent this as they would be left with two hard choices. Either voting against this, or voting for it and looking weak on National Security. (Which they really are)

You see, there is an issue here that Senator Feingold would do well to explain:

How is the FISA Court going to be able to issue 200,000+ wiretap warrents taking into account that the FISA Court has only issued 6,652 from 2000 through 2004?

Senator, how would you monitor 200,000+ suspected terrorists around the World?

This whole episode is a perfect example of why it is so hard to be elected President after serving in Congress. It is to easy to grandstand in front of a Camera. Unfortunately, this grandstanding can all too easily be used against you. Take Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan. She recently went onto the Senator floor with a huge sign that said "DANGEROUSLY INCOMPETENT." (via Drudge Report) She was referring to President Bush. But you can bet that she will be confronted with those signs when/if she chooses to run for re-election. Then they will be referring to her. Just like the person who claims that "I am not an idiot." People only seem to remember the person's name and 'idiot.'

Oh yes, I address the NSA wiretap issue a while bac in a post titled "The Company You Keep." Basically, if you are going to associate with suspected terrorists (like an A.C.L.U Lawyer) then you should expect your phone to be tapped. If you don't, then your an idiot.

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