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Nigeria Lottery Scam Live (Video)

This is not only a great commercial, but a great example of how stupid many people are for not using a little common sense and reason when presented with a situation that one would hope is true, but in all reality cannot be true at all:

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Than again, who knows, it can be real. All of the people scammed in these emails thought so, at least a little. Surely, there is 'lost' money out there and from what I have seem, there is lots of it. Many people believe these scams to be true thanks partly to the high rate of corruption and 'stolen' fortunes in the third world. However, these people ALWAYS have other people that they can turn to in order to get the money moved to their secret bank accounts. They also have the means to move the money that is just not available to you and me, such as hidden inside diplomatic pouches. (From stories I have heard, at least one shipment involved truckloads of cash moving back into Eastern Europe under diplomatic pouch.) Another thing to keep in mind is that these people do move the money out of the countries they steal it from.

As part of my job, I sometimes see problems like this from the other side and by that I mean I see people who are trying to document that they are the owners of bank accounts and other assets worth millions and in at least one case a family dealing with claiming over a billion dollars in assets left behind by brothers from the Middle East who had since died after setting up corporations to hold the assets for 'safekeeping'. However, in every case it is family members who are involved in trying to reclaim the money. (This often happens while the thief is alive, with the others attempting to hijack the family's jewels.) One reason is because they knew of the existence of the money in the first place. Really, like who does not know that Putin is looting billions from Russia. And he is not showing up at a bank counter in Switzerland to deposit it. He has others managing his loot. They will be the first in line to steal it if the opportunity arises, and they are not going to need your help.

The 'Rose Household Textiles' Nigeria Scam - 21 Dec 06

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