Tuesday, January 8

Iraq, Zimbabwe, Mexico and Venezuela

This is an update to my original post titled "Iraq, Zimbabwe and Mexico" where I argued that both Zimbabwe and Mexico are worse off than Iraq despite those countries not being in war zones.

Now comes news that Venezuela is also worse off than Iraq.

Venezuelan Politics blog reported that an average 33 Venezuelans were murdered each day last year, which comes to 1000 murders per month.

Iraq’s and Venezuela’s populations are roughly comparable: 27.5 million versus 27.7 million. In the last three months, there have been 1498 civilian fatalities in Iraq. During this same time, roughly 3000 Venezuelans have been murdered. - Gateway Pundit

So, according to this report, for every person killed in Iraq, two are being killed in Venezuela. It is just not news because the US did not invade that country.

Dictators like Hugo Chavez depend on the press to concentrate their efforts elsewhere. So far it has been working. One can hope for change once President Bush has left office, but maniacs like this will find another reason to hate/blame the US for their problem, especially if a Republican becomes the next President.

The UN should be taking the lead in pushing these countries to develop for the better. Unfortunately, the UN is led, in part, by these very countries which pervert any attempt at pushing change back onto the third-world. This is pretty much a fatal flaw that the UN suffers from. It is designed to maintain 'stability' of the current world situation. So you almost never see any change for the better coming from it. The UN literally has the foxes in control of the henhouse. You need not look any farther than the now-neutered UN Human Rights Council for proof.


Anonymous said...


I'm an ordinary third-worlder reading you because of mondays.

but to understand you and your other stuff, i need to know how much of a republican (or rightish) are you? (serious question here, i'm not mocking on you)

Fred Fry said...

Hello Aci,

First, thanks for reading Maritime Monday!

Second, thanks for exploring my other posts.

In terms of how much of a Republican I am, I think it would be more fair to say that I am a conservative. I had written here a long while back that it was time that I register as a Republican, but I never did. However, in way ways I more so support issues as Republicans do.

THAT BEING SAID, I also have disagreements with how Republicans are running the country and pretty much believe that Republicans and Democrats are equally corrupt.

I might also add that when I write about the 'Third-World' I do so because I would love to see the whole world as first world. Unfortunately, there are both third-world and first-word countries (groups and agencies) all working at cross purposes and the end result is what we have now.

Thanks for your message. Feel free to comment as you see fit. I would love to hear comments about problems as you see it from your country and what problems are caused by your own government and what are cause by the first-world and how can things be made better. For me, I think education is a big issue in these countries as is fraud and corruption.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...


many thanks for your answer. It's very interesting to see how the environment modify the way the world is seen. I say this because your thoughts and teh way you say them would put you here in Argentina in the far right.

I concur with you that education is the answer to the 3rd world problem. Unfortunately I don't see it coming.