Sunday, November 11

The US Navy's 'Kobayashi Maru'

The US Navy is in the news as having gotten active off the coast of Somalia recently. However, according to the Captain of the DANICA WHITE, the US Navy also interfered in the hijacking of that vessel as well.
"The efficient US guns managed to hit all three boats (one large and two smaller ones), and one of the ABs was ordered to cut the towing line. This changed the whole situation", says Niels Nielsen. "The hi-jackers’ plan was that they would leave the ship at about 20 nautical miles from the shore with their loot, nothing more, according to their original plans and confirmed by their conversation during the days onboard."

The loss of three boats made the hi-jackers rather desperate as the boats were hired from somebody else, and now they had to cover the losses. So instead of leaving the Danica White they were forced to take the ship and claim a ransom to gain money to pay for the boats. - Scandinavian Shipping Gazette
Maybe it was wishful thinking on the part of the Captain to believe that his pirates were just after what they could grab and run away with. Lets just forget that there are no stories of attacks like that. If the pirates get onboard, they tend to hold the vessel until a ransom is paid for the ship and crew.

Then again, we can't be sure. Maybe the US Navy did turn a simple robbery into an 82-day hostage crisis. Kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don't choice for the Navy. As my friend Robin Storm commented:
"... they complain the navy's is not there and when it is and does its job they complain about that too.... Kobayashi Maru .. the no win scenario..." - Robin Storm
Ahh, the classic Kobayashi Maru scenario of Star Trek fame. The purposefully unwinnable scenario where Captain Kirk reprogrammed it (read: cheated) in order to win. But how could the US Navy get around this problem? Perhaps by sinking the pirate boats prior to their boarding the ship, but you know that the liberals here and in Europe are not going to like that either. Anyway killed and captured pirates are sure to turn into civilian victims faster than you can say GITMO.

Thanks to Robin Storm for his comment which was the inspiration for this post.

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