Saturday, November 17

Hawaii Superferry to Sail - Tickets on Sale!

The Government of the State of Hawaii has passed legislation that will permit the Hawaii Superferry to sail while the (now required) environmental impact study is completed.
Hawaii Superferry Announces A New Beginning

On December 1, 2007 Hawaii Superferry’s grand catamaran, Alakai, begins daily crossings between Maui and O‘ahu.

Just in time for the holiday season, the December 1st service start date opens a whole new world of possibilities to celebrate, share and prepare for the holidays. Imagine being able to visit friends and family and not having to decide what to leave behind because it was too difficult to manage, or you were afraid it might get damaged in transit.

On Hawaii Superferry, you don’t have to be worried about packing too many gifts for the party or buying too much omiyagi to take back home; as long as it fits in (or on) your vehicle there’s no extra charge. From delivering presents to shopping for gifts, Hawaii Superferry allows you to explore new ways to celebrate the season. - Hawaii Superferry
So it seems that we will soon see if the anger of the Superferry protesters is still burning. If the recent protests at the Port of Olympia (Read the comment there from a worker at the port) are a guide, then the first sailing will probably end in massive arrests. At least we will see if the Coast Guard is prepared to enforce rules set to defend shipping. We'll also get to see if the State is going to tolerate parents who continue to endanger their children by using them as human shields.

Updated on 25 November here.

Coast Guard Threatens Hawaii Superferry Protesters with Serious Fines and Jailtime - 5 Sept 07
Econuts and Moonbats Stop Hawaii Superferry (For Now) - 31 Aug 07


PaiaGirl said...

"defend shipping"??? "human shields"??

Wow! Nice hyperbole. Especially since the people blocking the Superferry were defending their island from a ruthless business that bought out elected officials with $175,000 in campaign contributions (an unprecedented amount in a state that has a population of only about 1 million people)

They've called up 250 coast guard troops from the mainland.

Anyone who takes the Superferry will be spending hours waiting, may not even get to unload and will be the target of great animosity.

If you buy into this line about it being "only a vocal minority" you haven't been to Kaua'i or Maui recently.

Why would you encourage people to get in the middle of a pitched battle?

We don't take this whale killing military project lightly. And we don't feel too friendly to anyone who rides it to our island.

Fred Fry said...

Talk about hyperbole "whale killing military project"?? Come on.

"defending their island" Sorry, but I had already previously posted that many of the people are complaining that parts of the islands that they never owned are being developed by the owners. It's their island too.

It is interesting to see the thinking that these ferries will only be bringing people, cars and cargo to the islands. that would be an interesting experiment, but surely, cars will be leaving the island as well.

I just talked with a friend from Hawaii and asked his opinion on the matter. He just happens to have family on one of the islands and he thinks it's a great idea.

Look, you don't have to like it, but if nobody liked this project, then there will not be enough business to support.

As for the whales, the last time I checked, the ocean is full of ships, and whale strikes are not very common. It's not like these things are silent or anything. Whales will hear them coming from miles away.

Clearly some people have a distinct idea of what life should be like on these islands. Others however, have different ideas. You have your rights and they have theirs as well.

Anyway, this whole project has been hung on a technically of an environmental study that centers on the impact of port improvements (to permit loading and unloading of vehicles) that has absolutely nothing to do with the impact that the service will have by actually running. That minor details seems to have been buried by those against the project.