Tuesday, November 6

Now Why Did You Search For That?

It is interesting to look at how people find this blog. Sometimes the questions can be very bizarre. Other times, not so much. Take this recent visitor:

His Google search question was:
"how much gasoline in a tanker truck" - Google Link
Offhand, I would take that as a pretty innocent question. Then I saw where the person making the query was located; Minneapolis, Minnesota. With that in mind, I am not so sure how innocent the query really was. And I have to say, this has to do with knowing that there is a large Muslim population in that area. (It is there where the taxi drivers were refusing to carry passengers at the airport who had alcohol with them) Not that Muslims are terrorists, but because terrorists these days are most often muslims. Then again, it could just be someone (like a student) interested in how much gasoline a tanker truck holds. Or someone looking to score some cheap gas. Then again, only the person on the other end of the internet knows for sure.

Oh, the answer, try 4,000 to 9,000 gallons.

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