Monday, November 5

EZPASS and Data Sharing - Update

In my original post, I pointed out that you are not protecting your privacy by not using EZ-PASS as the toll lanes have cameras that read and record your license plate numbers.

Now it is not only the areas that have EZ-PASS that use this technology. It can be used almost anywhere. Take the recent case of school teacher Kelsey Peterson who kidnapped/ran off with her 13 year old student to Mexico. Was her capture partly due to this technology?
Police were already alerted to their movements after Peterson's car was spotted crossing into Mexico on Tuesday, and arrived just after they left the hotel. - IHT
Now take a look at this border crossing into Mexico:

Notice, the lanes into Mexico are unmanned.

So, just how was the car spotted?

Go see my original post for video of license plate reading software in action.

Police: Arrested teacher, undocumented student had vague plan of life together in Mexico - IHT


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