Friday, July 13

Ten Democrats Voted Against Cut and Run From Iraq

By now you have heard that the House of Representatives voted to pull troops out of Iraq, mainly for political reasons. (The Democrat Party needs Iraq to be a failure by the 2008 elections if they hope to win the White House.)

It is all over the news that Four Republicans Voted with the Democrats to Cut and Run from Iraq. This was portrayed by the press that they were jumping from President Bush's sinking ship.

What you did not hear in the news was that 10 Democrats voted against the bill and their party leadership. At least on the radio the big deal was that four Republicans voted with the Democrats. No mention was made of those who voted with the Republicans.

The vote generally followed party lines: 219 Democrats and four Republicans in favor, and 191 Republicans and 10 Democrats opposed. - Breitbart

And all this over an interim report on progress in Iraq. That is kind of like inspecting your new house before the drywall is up and being dissappointed that it is not complete yet.

The Democrats should be careful what they ask for. Surely, the last thing a new Democrat President and Congress needs is an unstable Iraq, hostile Iran and Syria and dangerous Pakistan to deal with. Blaming Bush will not work once they have taken control. That highlights a huge gap in the Democrats Leadership. They have NO PLAN other than opposing the Bush plan. Good luck with that.


Reps. Jo Ann Emerson (R-Mo.) and John Duncan, Jr. (R-Tenn.) were the only new defectors though Duncan voted against the 2002 war authorization measure. The other two GOP members to vote with Democrats were Reps. Walter Jones (N.C.) and Wayne Gilchrest (Md.), who have consistently broken with their party on Iraq this year.

Ten Democrats, mostly conservatives, voted against the measure, which passed 223-201.

The lack of Republican defections meant the vote failed to live up to Democratic hopes to put additional pressure on President Bush on the war. That, for now, will be left to the Senate, where several Republicans have publicly broken with Bush in recent weeks and senators are to vote next week on a similar measure. - The Hill

This is hardly how the vote is being portrayed in the mainstream media.

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