Tuesday, July 3

Juicy Juice - Now From China

You can never be too careful even when purchasing a well-known brand. We learned our lesson this weekend when my wife spotted on Nestle's 'Juicy Juice' juice box the dreaded 'made in China' stamp. Really? Apple juice? From China? Isn't the US buried in a sea of apples all year long?

Apples can be a tricky thing if they are sprayed and who knows what the Chinese are spraying their apples with. It could be nothing, but who knows, since China can't even admit that there are problems once they are discovered in other products. Then there is a very simple issue that chemicals banned in the US are being used in China.

The risk for Juicy Juice is great, since "NESTLÉ JUICY JUICE products are 100% juice. They contain only natural sugars (fructose) in the fruit juice concentrates used." As it is, we are not buying any more Juicy Juice and will be sure to check our food products more often.

I did not find much searching Juicy Juice's site or the internet about this, but I did find the following comment posted at Amazon:
Product of China?, June 9, 2007 - I bought some juicy juice from Target recently. It had "Product of China" on the package. I won't take the risk of giving Juicy Juice to my children let alone given all the recent problems coming out of China involving poisened pet food, toothpaste, etc. Why take the risk? People from China living in the U.S. would rather not eat or drink anything from China. Take it from me - I am Chinese and all of my Chinese friends say the same thing. - Amazon
Juicy juice is a product for kids. I don't see too many parents getting excited over giving their kids juice from China when there are many other non-China options available.

UPDATE: 13 July 2007

I had emailed Nestle about this issue and they promptly responded the next day. I have posted their response here.


MaritimeLinks- Editor said...


I don't know if you are a fan of Micheal Savage, but he discusses these problems a lot these days. The food in China has a lot of toxins, antibiotics, and other 'unknown' chemicals -or at least they are unkown to us.

I wish we could completely ban products from China- but that seems unlikely with the people we have in our government promoting the 'global economy'.

You write a great blog- keep it up!

Casey O'Donnell
Editor- Maritimelinks.net

Nick said...

My wife just found this out a week ago and we were wondering what the hell! - I bet Nestle was doing this all along but someone must have insisted they stamp the imports. Capitalism, greed has no end, the government and the companies are ready to endanger the children of the same people who bring the politicians to power. that's a lesson for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Capitalism is not the problem. If being made in China turns customers off from a cheaper product, then these customers should be willing to pay a premium for (presumably better quality) U.S. apple juice and a market for it will develop. I refuse to buy the Chinese apple juice, but that does not mean it needs to be banned nor does it mean that capitalism is evil. This product is cheaper and consumers, for the most part, do not care from where the apples originate. Take your dollar elsewhere. Capitalism actually gives you better options. Organic options are available even in that filthy Wal-Mart where you usually shop.

Anonymous said...

What are they spraying with? Arsenic! What else... See DR OZ this week. You can't trust products from China... They have no rules!