Wednesday, July 11

Many Unsold iPhones Laying About

It seems that many of those people waiting hours and even days to purchase an iPhone decided to pick up a second one with the intention of earning back some of what they spent for theirs by auctioning off the second one on eBay.

So while AT&T and Apple might be sold out of iPhones, you can still find them on eBay. Unfortunately, for many of these people, so many had the same idea that eBay has been flooded with lots of iPhones, with many not even receiving any bids:

Sure, some of the sellers are attempting to take advantage of the hype with huge markups, but some others are charging as low as a $50 markup, which sounds reasonable if you consider the only other option was to spend hours in line. Yet, as you can see, there are two $650 8 gig iPhones above that attracted no bids. Here are some more for sale that attracted no bids:

Here are a couple that did manage to attract buyers, and going for the reasonable, as far as the iPhone is concerned, final price of $650:

Surely there are people who paid over $800 for a $600 iPhone, but that was probably on the first day when the hype was still strong. (Here some idiot paid over $300 for an iPhone bag.) It is just that nobody is ever going to pay that much for your iPhone.

I wonder how deep the support is for this phone to sustain ongoing sales. Or are those who want an iPhone simply going to wait the two-four weeks for the stores to be resupplied, or perhaps for the next generation to be introduced in a year or so?

Surely, you will be able to pickup 8 gig iPhones for well under $600 on eBay in a couple weeks once Apple and AT&T get in new supplies. Even now it makes sense to sell the phone on eBay if you intend to return it given that you'll be charged a $60 restocking fee for the privilege of returning the phone.

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