Sunday, July 1

Terrorist-Rights Protesters at the CIA

Once again, there were protesters at the CIA today.

I just don't buy that these guys are out there under some moral conviction to be there. Maybe they were planning to hit on some protester chicks or someone is paying them. Under their definition, most terrorists would not be guilty of torture. (and no, there were no protest chicks there.) This protest is taking place just down the road from Washington, DC whose rampant crime problem is nothing short of terrorism on it's law-abiding residents. Don't expect that problem to be solved any time soon as cracking down on crime is seen as terrorism on the black community.

I wonder if these guys know that they are protesting at the scene of a terrorist attack? I wonder if they even care.
Mir Aimal Kansi was a Pakistani citizen who spent four years on the United States Department of Justice's FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list after he shot five people with an AK-47, killing two, in their cars as they were turning towards the entrance to US CIA headquarters on January 25, 1993. He was captured in Pakistan more than four years later and following a trial, was executed by lethal injection in the state of Virginia, United States in 2002.

On the morning of January 25, 1993, he drove his brown Datsun station wagon to the intersection and shot into several cars, killing two people (Frank Darling and Lansing H. Bennett) and injuring three others. He had the opportunity to kill two females but did not do so. Upon being asked why by the FBI, he said that it was because Islam forbade the killing of women.[Really??] After the shooting, he was surprised that he was still alive and returned to his vehicle and fled the scene. He returned to his apartment and went to a convenience store where he purchased an airline ticket through the owner, who also owned a travel agency, and boarded the flight to Pakistan shortly thereafter.

On February 9, 1993, The FBI named Kansi as the 435th fugitive to be added on their Top Ten Most Wanted List. The State Department offered a $2 million reward and later increased the reward to $3.5 million. After four and a half years, he was captured. On June 15, 1997, Kansi travelled to the town of Dera Ghazi Khan in central Pakistan as part of a business venture to import Russian electronics into Pakistan. He was captured in an early morning raid led by the FBI and transported to Fairfax, Virginia to stand trial. Kansi suspected that he was set up by his business partners to obtain the reward money offered by the United States.

Although he pled not guilty at trial, he did not deny the acts. He was convicted and sentenced to death. He died by lethal injection in a Virginia state prison on November 14, 2002.

When his body arrived in Quetta, Pakistan, many of his hometown residents welcomed him like a hero. - Extracted from his Wikipedia Entry.
These protesters should be careful about what they are asking for. The US just might try all the Gitmo terrorists and sentence them to life in prison or sentence them to death like they did with Aimal Kansi.

This protest was nowhere as well attended at the protest I saw in October, 2006.

The ever-popular Abu-Graib 'torture' photo. Of course, the US Abu-Graib incident lasted one night and never included any real torture. Whatever did take place while under US control could never hold a candle to the real torture that took place there under Saddam's rule. If anything, those being tortured were really confused / upset because they had expected to be treated much better by the Americans.

As for the 'voiceless', they never expected to need a voice as they had planned to die in Jihad. It is only that they managed to screw that up that they now find themselves in this situation with no voice and no virgins either. Good luck giving the detainees a voice in their own country. There are currently a number of Gitmo detainees who can't be released solely because their own Government might torture them and no other country in the world will take them out of fear of pissing off those torture-supporting states.

I am against torture yet I could not push myself to honk the horn. For that, she gave me the evil eye. This woman should be sent to Gitmo to simply stare at the prisoners. She is sure to scare them much more than the Government can.

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