Monday, May 21

One Little Baby Boy (And the Rush Hour Traffic that Really Made his Arrival Interesting!)

I was awoken an hour early one moring late last week and told that it appears that we would be off to the hospital and if I wanted to take a shower, I should probably do it now.

After taking a quick shower we went for a short walk to time contractions and then call the doctor. There were no real signs of labor yet and nothing 'hurt'. The doctor was not very interested in us coming to the hospital yet as they were full. My wife told her that we were coming anyway as the labor for our first kid was less than 7 hours and this one was sure to be quicker. There was also the issue of DC rush hour traffic and she wanted to get to the hospital before one of the roads when from two lanes to one in the direction we needed to go in.

It was a good thing we left when we did. While waiting in traffic her real labor started, her water broke and I started running through my head what I needed to do to deliver the baby right in the car. The whole thing was like a horror movie, only worse because in the movie you are not the victim. Sure things were a little bit worse for my wife but I was the one trapped in the car next to her with very little options other than to get her to the hospital ASAP.

Luckily, we made it with just under an hour to spare.

Both Mom and baby are doing well.


Mark Tempest said...


Cat is my co-pilot said...

Congratulations!!! This is so exciting! Your wife didn't have to birth your son in the car, you didn't have to take command of your wife birthing your son in the car, and your son will be so pleased to have a super-fabulous day-of-his-birth story to tell for the rest of his life (although I have a feeling he won't be referring to it as a 'super-fabulous' story).

Wow, the car ride must have been no picnic for your wife. I know, I know--it was no picnic for you! :)It's a good thing your wife listened to her own intuition and you and not the doctors' instructions (haha-they make as many routine judgment-call mistakes (like traffic, etc) as non-doctors. :)

Just think how much more prepared you'll be when you have your THIRD kid. :D

When it is time, please let me know via e-mail what your son's name is to be!!