Monday, September 5

Who owned all those sunken cars in New Orleans?

We have all seen the pictures of the unused school and city busses in New Orleans. (If not, look here.)

This had me thinking about all those people who "did not have the means to escape" the hurricane because they did not own a car;
Just who owned all those cars now swamped in the flooded areas of New Orleans where they have been pulling people off rooftops and out of flooded streets? I'm not talking about a scattered car here and there. There are scores of cars in those flooded areas.

A man puts his baby on top of his car as he and a woman abandon their car after it started to float when Hurricane Katrina hit the Treme area of New Orleans August 29, 2005. (Rick Wilking/Reuters) (Yahoo News)

Cars sit idle on flooded streets in downtown New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina came ashore on Monday, Aug. 29, 2005. (AP Photo/Dave Martin) (Yahoo News)


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