Thursday, September 8

Question for Where are your Black People?

On Thursday 8 September, was outside the White House to protest Bush's handling of the Hurricane recovery effort.

As we all know, the left has been saying that the recovery effort was poor because those that needed rescue were poor blacks. For those not familiar with Washington, DC, it is a city full of black people. The Mayor is black. The Chief of Police is black. One quardrant of the city, SouthEast, is probably DC's equivilent of New Orleans poor neighborhood that is currently underwater. (Undercover cops have been known to take white tourists off the streets and out of the area.) Whites are a minority in DC and there are a large number of rich blacks living in DC.

So you would think that the protest would be packed with black protestors right? Take a look at the picture below of the protestors. I added green arrows marking the black protestors and red arrows marking white protestors:

MoveOn members and supporters march in front of the White House in Washington, DC, in protest of the administration of US President George W. Bush and its handling of the Hurricane Katrina disaster relief. MoveOn Washington Director Tom Matizzie said the federal government did not do enough to help the people of the Gulf Coast region after Katrina caused widespread damage and killed possibly 10,000 people. The organization called on the president to 'stop blaming the victims of Hurricane Katrina, including state and local officials, for the poor rescue and relief effort and focus on helping them.'(AFP/Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla) (Yahoo News)

For those who are colorblind, there are no black protestors in the picture. If one wants to judge the strength of's base, I would have to say that it is based moreso in people more interested in spending money in an attempt to make a person (the President) look bad, than they are in helping those they say they are speaking for.

To make the situation even worse, there was a protest at the same time "to demand more US effort to end violence in Darfur in western Sudan." I can only find one picture of that protest (with 4 white people in it) but I assume that there were some blacks there, but none bothered to come over to the other bash-Bush event.

Now there was at least one black protestor. She was flown in from New Orleans. She is a lawyer who had decided to ignore the evacuation order.

To read what happened at the protest, read the following:

When MoveOn rallied at the White House, things didn’t go exactly as planned. - Byron York

...And in addition to problems with the noise, there were problems with the stories themselves. The three women, while they had lost their homes and more, were not the kind of grievously needy victims who have been on television so much lately. They are, after all, MoveOn members, meaning they are involved in Internet activism, which is usually a middle-class pursuit. And they were all able to leave New Orleans; Renfroe elected to stay, while Augillard and Mayfield left town ahead of the storm. Although they had lost much, their stories did not have the impact of many others that have been told in the press.

Moveon and the handlers that organize these events still have lots to learn. For starters, they might want to look at those directly responsible for the evacuation of New Orleans. That won't happen. One reason for the protest was to demand that the President not hold others, including the Governor and the Mayor accountable. (But were all going ot hold the President accountable right?)

The organization called on the president to 'stop blaming the victims of Hurricane Katrina, including state and local officials, for the poor rescue and relief effort and focus on helping them.

I wonder how many on the left are joyous at the new ammunition they have to take aim at the President. Too bad this ammunition is going to cause a good number of political casualties on the left.

I am waiting to hear from these poor people. I want to know who they hold accountable. Would they really blame the President? Why should they. The Democrats have been telling them that Bush and the Republicans don't care about them one bit for years. They have been told over and over that only the Democrat Party will take care of them. Now we know what that meant. I wonder, did the Democrats intentionally kill off these people to use their deaths against Bush? Horrible thought right. This charge (If someone were to make it) would be no worse than what the Democrats ARE charging the President with.


Now I was going to blast Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) but I am no expert on Senate Politics. From what I have seen and heard from her, I wonder how much longer people will be calling her Senator. She sounds like an idiot. DC does not have a Senator. Looking at Senator Landrieu, DC is not missing much.

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