Tuesday, September 20

Fred Fry as Sean Penn

I had recently posted about Sean Penn's escapades here:

Sean Penn and his Bulletproof Vest - 06 September 05
Sean Penn: Ditches Bulletproof Vest, carries Shotgun 10 September 05

In all the excitement, I completely forgot that at one time I had the honor of being Sean Penn.

Here I am dressed in the green sweatsuit that Sean wore in the movie. (1993)

Here is Sean and Al Pachino waiting for the right light to shoot.

What can I say, everyone was really nice on the set. I also got to spend some time with their 'doubles.' Al Pachino's was pretty funny. Nobody bothered to tell him that he needed a beard so his was nowhere near developed as Al's

Besides the pictures, and salary, I managed to get both of them to sign a baseball cap. It was a great experience, although there was lots of hurry up and wait.

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