Monday, September 5

"Start at the Front and Work Your Way Back"

There is no shortage of Hurricane Katrina coverage on the news and in the Net. Driving home from work Thursday afternoon I was listening to NPR (despite their constant Bush-bashing) and heard a report from Gulfport, Miss.

At one point the reporter, Melissa Block, interviews a 'dump truck' driver who was there to start cleanup operations in an area where debris was spread as far as the eye could see.

(4 minutes into the report)
“...How do you even know where to start?”

“You start at the front and work to the back...” - Michael

Listen to the interview - Gulfport Takes Stock of Disaster

This is one man with a plan. The man knows what his job is and how to proceed doing it. Now multiply Mr. Underwood by tens of thousands of fellow workers and that makes the base of a strong recovery operation. Mr. Underwood was not alone out there. This report also interviewed a search and rescue dog team operating in Gulfport.

This is just one city of many that were torn to pieces by Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans has received the majority of the coverage leading to the misleading impression that New Orleans was the only city needing relief. This is hardly the case. The whole lower Mississippi River Delta area was hit, along with the Gulf Coast as well as parts of Florida. Hopefully, the relief effort for the rest of the effected area will match that provided to New Orleans.

Mississippians' Suffering Overshadowed -

The road ahead is complicated and difficult, but is nothing that the US cannot handle, and handle well. Too many people have died, but I hope that those spared by the hurricane have a brighter future ahead of them.

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