Sunday, September 25

Michael Yon - Reporting from Iraq

Michael Yon have been embedded with US Troops in Iraq for the last eight months. He has been posting his adventures in his online magazine here.

He is currently taking a break, mentioning in his latest post that he is in Qatar, taking the opportunity to re-equip as the unit he was embedded with was now on their way back home to the US.

There is lots to read on his site. I suggest printing out a post or two if you headed out on a trip. If you only have time to read one post, then I suggest Jungle Law, which was posted on 10 August. It is a great description of an attempted roadside bombing on the unit he was with and how they caught the guys attempting to blow them up.

You can see all the bad news being covered in the media. Yon's Online Magazine provides a good view of what is actually going on in the country on the street level.

If yo don't have time to read anything else, then I suggest reading his post about media coverage in Iraq and why you mainly see negative news coming out of the country. (And now, for the rest of the story....)

"The media is an industry; but their business is not to report news. The industry needs a captive audience to beat the bottom line. The product is advertisement." - Michael Yon - 24 May 05

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