Monday, September 5

New Orleans Victim Claims that City broke Levee, not Bush

Now I am in complete shock after watching ABC World News Tonight this evening.

First, they have an excerpt of an interview with the Mayor, Ray Nagin, where he was asked about accountability. The man goes on to defend President Bush. Something along the lines that he was the victim of what people told him was being done and in reality was not being done and he guessed that the President was a vitim of the same thing.
He did not think that people were telling the President the true situation on the ground, and that was not the President's fault. (I cannot find the story online, damn!)

But that was nothing. Then they did a story about one of the levees being fixed. They interviewed a man who fled to a nearby bridge when it broke. He was asked if he thought a nearby barge had broke the levee. His response was no. He was sure that the city destroyed the levee on purpose, to get the residents of the area.

I don't get it? Who on the left is responsible for staying "on message" at World News Tonight?

There must be more to this then we are all aware of. Not for anything but I would not get to close to the Mayor or the Governor, Kathleen Blanco until you can see who the residents of the effected area are going to blame. As the Mayor said today, "I am sure that there is plenty of blame to go around."

(I am not suggesting that anything other than an act of God and lots of water broke the levee)

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Anonymous said...

WELL I LIVE IN THE HOUSTON AND I TALK TO A LOT OF Evacuees. AND THEY ALL THINK THAT THE LEVEE WAS BROKEN WITH explosives. TO DISTROY THE 9th ward residents in the 9TH ward there are a lot of senior citizen over the age of 65 and over just do the count of senior citizen that died in the Hurrican and the senior citizen that died on the bus in TEXAS in the boat that flip over in New York now think. If the senior citizens die that more Social Security that just more social security that does not have to be paid it's just call saving money.