Friday, September 16

To ABC's Surprise, Katrina Victims Praise Bush and Blame Nagin - Newsbusters

In my original post 'New Orleans Victim Claims that City broke Levee, not Bush ' I pointed out that a lease one local was bright enough to place blame where he saw fit, with the local government. At the time I pointed out that people should not get ot close to the mayor or the Governor "until you can see who the residents of the effected area are going to blame." It turns out that I was dead right in giving the warning. Also in this post I commented on how ABC News was failing to maintain the MSM blame Bush message that day.

I followed up the issue in my post 'Question for Where are your Black People?' where I posted the following:

I am waiting to hear from these poor people. I want to know who they hold accountable. Would they really blame the President? Why should they. The Democrats have been telling them that Bush and the Republicans don't care about them one bit for years. They have been told over and over that only the Democrat Party will take care of them. Now we know what that meant. I wonder, did the Democrats intentionally kill off these people to use their deaths against Bush? Horrible thought right. This charge (If someone were to make it) would be no worse than what the Democrats ARE charging the President with.

Now accourding to a post by Newsbusters, ABC has once again failed to maintain the MSM blame Bush mantra by interviewing Evacuees who flat out praise the President and blame, get this, the cit and state government, the Mayor and the Governor. The reportor, as Newsbusters points out, tries to feed them questions to elicite anti-Bush comments but the people don't deliver. They might be poor, but apparently that does not mean that they are stupid. It also partly confirms my statement above.

Not one of the six people interviewed on camera had a bad word for Bush -- despite Reynolds' best efforts. Reynolds goaded: "Was there anything that you found hard to believe that he said, that you thought, well, that's nice rhetoric, but, you know, the proof is in the pudding?" Brenda Marshall answered, "No, I didn't," prompting Reynolds to marvel to anchor Ted Koppel: "Very little skepticism here.”

To ABC's Surprise, Katrina Victims Praise Bush and Blame Nagin - Newsbusters

And since we are on the subject of Katrina and evacuations I might as well mention an evactuation that you did not hear about, the evacuation of the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Literally thousands of workers were evacuated from hundreds of oil platforms by helicopter and boat. The companies did it voluntarily and efficiently. No lives lost and from the looks of it well done. So those who are constantly harping on the need for more big government, how about taking a look at the way private industry handled a difficult evacuation and see how it can be done.

(Of course the oil workers were lifted to New Orleans, Gulfport, Biloxi....)

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