Wednesday, August 31

Consider Donating A Day's Pay to the American Red Cross

So the Hurricane really gave the gulf coast a black eye. I can understand to a point (up to my thigh) what they went through having my home flooded in December 93, along with the rest of the homes in town, destroying most everything I owned.

Cleanup was a mess but at least it was possible to live in the second floor and electricy was restored quickly and there was no looting to be concerned about. What is going on New Orleans is a true tragedy. Sure not everyone had the means to escape, but many others did and elected not to. I would even hazard to guess that some stayed with the intent of looting once the clouds passed. However, those that managed to plan that far might not have figured on how they were going to escape with what they have looted. I would think that the looting problem will go away with most of the city now underwater. That which is still dry will probably be protected within the next day or two as the government is sure to take back control as the news footage of the stealing is an embarassment. (This does shed new light on the initial looting in Baghdad)

I only mention the looting because this type of activity diverts needed resources to deal with it instead of conducting search and rescue operations.

Anyway there are calls for an international Blog Beg (Hurricane Katrina: Blog for Relief DayThursday, September 1) to aid the hurricane victims in all the gulf states. I am not going to bet. But if you are thinking of giving, I have a suggestion:

Consider donating one day's Salary

This should fit into most everyone's budget. It is even progressive. Those who make more, would give more. Those who earn less, would donate less. All would donate in proportion.

I have done just that. I donated to the American Red Cross. Almost every penny you donate goes to aid victims and the pennies they need to operate the organization are not wasted. Click on the picture above to go to the American Red Cross Website.

(American Red Cross is not affiliated with the International Committee of the Red Cross)

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