Sunday, August 14

Things that you can and can’t do in a Fascist State

Things that you can’t do in a Fascist State:

  • Enjoy freedom of speech
  • Call for the impeachment of the President
  • Call the President a Liar
  • Question foreign policy
  • Publicize examples of prisoner abuse
  • Go to court to protect your right to privacy
  • Go to court to protect the rights of terrorists
  • Stage protests (In the Capital no less)
  • Travel freely
  • Demand a meeting with the President (Especially after already having one)
  • Practice the religion of your choice or no religion at all
  • Be found innocent of a crime due to a technicality
  • Avoid the death penalty because your under 18
  • Be Michael Moore, John Kerry, Barbara Boxer, Joe Biden, Cindy Sheehan, be members of the ACLU, Code Pink, etc....

Things that you can do in a Fascist State:

  • Place your political opponents in jail
  • Racial profiling
  • Summary executions
  • Control the media
  • Starve the population
  • Forced labor
  • Place Michael Moore, John Kerry, Barbara Boxer, Joe Biden, members of the ACLU, Cindy Sheehan, and all their supporters and fans into re-education camps
  • Anything you want (Provided that your in charge)

Now it was Cindy Sheehan who was thinking that existence of the Internet as the saving grace for preventing the US from descending into a fascist state. Well with the quick list I drew up above, I think we have a long way to go before we end up anywhere near the type of horror Mrs. Sheehan fears.

I too am thankful for the Internet. I now have a place to express my thoughts and enjoy my First Amendment Right. In addition, I think that conservative-minded persons like myself have even more to thank for the internet, considering that the Mainstream media is so left-leaning. If it wasn’t for the internet, CBS probably would not have been caught accusing the President with fake documents. Nor would we know that the only public copy of the Downing Street Memos were typed out by the secretary of the reporter who broke the story of their existence and that there are no originals or copies of the 'original' documents, or even if they exist at all.

We would not know that Cindy Sheehan posted an open letter to the President calling for his impeachment two days after the election. In a fascist State that would have been enough to give the government reason to silence her. Yet there she is, down the road from the President, with an ever-larger group of protesters by her side, to support and protest her. Thankfully, since we do not live in a fascist state, and we can judge them on their own words and actions.

Code Pink Protesters protesting outside the White House (December 2002)

They don't look afraid do they?

Free Speech does not extend everywhere, like at work:

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