Sunday, August 21

My Box of Docs: Box 30-JGR/Judges (8)

Adopt a box of documents from the Reagan Library released because they somehow relate to Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts and review it for anything that might 'fuel any fire' against Roberts approval.

The master list of boxes and adoptees are at Radioblogger.
The operation is organized by Hugh Hewitt.

My box contains nothing I would consider Pertinent to Roberts Supreme Court Nomination.

This box totaled 33 pages. The first 26 pages were copies of two articles from the Judicature (Volume 68, Numbers 9-10, April, May 1985) sent to Roberts and other for their information:

“Reaganizing the Judiciary: The First Term Appoints” Pgs. 3-18
“Reaganizing the Judiciary: What Role Politics” Pgs 19-26

I did not read the articles.

On page 27 there is a memo from Roberts, Associate Counsel to the President, dated June 24, 1985 to Daniel Engler, Staff Assistant, Office of White House Correspondence

The memo clears letters to Circuit Judge Fred Wicker (Mississippi) and Senior Judge Samuel Rosenstein (US Court of International Trade, FL) from President Reagan thanking them for their letters in support of his visit to the Nazi Cemetery in Bitburg, Germany.

You can download the documents from this box Here.

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