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UN Blames US for African Condom Shortage!

"There is no doubt in my mind that the condom crisis in Uganda is being driven by (U.S. programs)... To impose a dogma-driven policy that is fundamentally flawed is doing damage to Africa." - Stephen Lewis, the UN Secretary General's special envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa

The fact that the US wants and ABC approach in combatting AIDS in Africa is no secret. As a refresher, ABC stands for:

  • Abstain
  • Be Faithful
  • Use Condoms

For some reason the UN and the anti-AIDS committe have always had a problem with the ABC approach. They only want two things; money and the right to break drug patents. With the money they want to buy condoms and manufacture cheap drugs to maintain those who already have AIDS.

This approach will not stop the spread of AIDS in Africa.

Presently too many people in Africa are having sex without condoms. this is a clear sign that people either do not know about AIDS or don't care about getting AIDS. If they knew about the dangers of unprotected sex and high-risk sex there is no way that any sane person would have unprotected sex. It would be worth it to them to spend a couple of cents it would cost to buy a condom.

Concerned that people in Africa cannot affort a condom? That is a load of Bull as one of the main ways that AIDS is spreading through Africa is through sex with prostitutes. If the guy can afford to buy a prostitute, he can also afford to buy a condom. Perhaps the UN does not want to educate the Africans to the point that they could be that self-reliant not to mention being RESPONSIBLE adults.

The situation is made even worse by the UN giving away condoms all over Africa. They have destroyed the commercial condom market leaving Africans no alternative source of condoms. Then again, if you do not bother to teach people why they should be wearing these things, they are not going to need one anyway.

In addition the the ABC approach to fighting AIDS, the US has put another restriction on donations:

The United States contribution to the Global Fund is subject to certain U.S. legislative restrictions, including that, during 2004-2008, no U.S. government contribution may cause the total amount of U.S. government funds contributed to exceed 33% of total contributions.

You can look at the list of who is giving what here.

Some notable contributors:

  • Gates Foundation $150 Million total
  • Int'l Olympic Committee $100,000
  • Mr. Kofi Annan $100,000
  • Saudi Arabia $10 Million
  • New Zealand $2.1 Million
  • Kuwait $1 Million
  • Greece $302,000
  • Canada $210 Million (Mr. Lewis is from Canada)
  • Iceland $206,299
  • South Korea $500,000
  • Liechtenstein $177,190
  • Mexico $100,000
  • Poland $30,000
  • Also:
  • India $0
  • Iran $0
  • North Korea $0
  • George Soros $0

This is such a non-story. The shortage is taking place in Uganda. what does the Ugandan Government have to say about this national crisis:

"It is not true that there is a condom shortage... There seems to be a co-ordinated smear campaign by those who do not want to use any other alternative simultaneously with condoms against AIDS." - Health Minister Jim Muhwezi of Uganda.

So the health Minister of Uganda, a country the UN is trying to help by calling attention to their crisis, is calling this for what it is, Pure Politics. Worse, it appears that the UN is attempting to userp a national government. Even if Uganda is short of condoms, it is up to them to say that there is a shortage. Lets also try to think that it is their responsibility to provide for thier people, not the UN.

With all of this in mind, I have a suggestion for Mr. Lewis. How about clicking on the link below. It turns out that they sell condoms in bulk. Need some money? How about asking your fellow UN Diplomats to stop getting parking tickets and contribute those funds towards buying condoms. After all, the US is doing its fair share in this crisis. Let some other country buy the condoms. Aren't we all suppossed to working together in this fight? Where is the rest of the team?

Sweden is giving almost $128 Million. Wouldn't it be fitting to use their donation to buy the condoms?


The President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief: Five-Year Strategy

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