Sunday, July 16

Washington Post Can't Give their Paper Away

Occasionlly when entering a Giant grocery store around Washington, DC, the Washington Post in just inside offering a free copy of the paper. Just this Friday they were there, and out of the three people in front of me and myself, none of us were interested in taking the copy let alone even slow down to listen to the full sales pitch.

I don't know the reasons why the others would blow by the man, but I knew why I was not interested. I have no interest in reading a paper so eager to expose our country's secrets to our enemies as well as bash the President and publish the lies of the left, while embargoing any good news.

Most of the times I was offered the paper in Northwest Washington, DC where you would expect the views of the Post to be popular, but there the free offer appeared as popular. This must be troubling to the Post for their have either pissed off potential readers, or their target market is not one to read a newspaper. Either way, this has to be a troubling position for the paper.

There is another issue, there are two free papers circulating in DC. One paper is printed by the Washington Post and the other is the DC Examiner. I have to say, the Examiner is a pretty good paper. I try to grab a copy on the way to work. Than again, I read most of my news on the net, for free.

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Anonymous said...

Same here, Fred. I'm in the same area and the only thing I EVER use that rag for is the crossword puzzle - and that is only if I find that section laying about.

Thansk for the link, btw, to the Instapinch!