Tuesday, July 4

Happy American Independence Day!

Whether you are Left, Right, Center or even upside down, I hope you have a Happy Independence Day!

Today's schedule includes a swim in the pool as well as a barbeque. At some point we will open up a bottle of American Champaign (from NY) and make toast to President Washington and all the others who worked and fought to make America the country it is today. It is even OK to thank the French for without their assistance the US probably would not have won independence. (They had selfish reasons to help us, but their plan didn't work in the end.) At least you can give thanks to Lafayette whose participation during the Revolutionary War was vital to our victory, although he rarely receives proper credit for his contributions.

Happy Fourth!


(The flag on the right is the first commonly used flag of the US. The Grand Union Flag)

A special toast to Rusty and the other Jawas at the Jawa Report!

America, F*ck Yeah! A Jawa 4th of July *Updated, Bumped* - Jawa Report

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