Tuesday, December 23

New York State Making It Easier To Steal My Handguns

I live in Virginia and I own two handguns.

I am now on Long Island in New York. Since it is illegal for me to bring my handguns up here without a permit and with New York limiting handgun permits to only New York State residents, this leaves me with no other good option other than to leave my handguns at home.

Now I have them locked in a safe, with one loaded just in case thieves force me to open it under duress upon my return or more likely in the hope that if someone steals the safe that they might just shoot themselves in celebration of their discovery.

I find this current situation unacceptable. I would prefer to keep the weapons under my direct supervision and in this case to be able to bring them up here with me so that they are kept in a house that is occupied over the holidays instead of being left in an empty home over the holidays where criminals may target my apartment knowing that many people are away at this time of the year.

Oddly enough, New York complains that the State of Virginia is a major source of guns that eventually end up being used in crimes in New York. Funny how the victim is actively contributing to the problem.

My driver's license is valid in both states. The same should go for my conceal carry permit or at least my right to own a handgun. In the current situation New York State discriminates against non-residents. I think that is wrong and even possibly illegal. Not only that, this is stupid. I am no more dangerous than I am in Virginia and Virginia has decided that I am not a threat. Anyway, it's not like New York is doing anything about those who are threats. After all, when was the last time any murderers were executed in NY?
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