Friday, August 29

'First Female President' - A Fake Milestone ** PALIN Update **

I posted out in (this post here) February how the issue of 'First Female President' was such a load of bull, especially when you had Hillary supporters claiming that people against Hillary were simply against having a woman as President.  Too bad they still haven't figured out that it has nothing to do with Hillary being a woman, but with her being the wrong woman.

So now we have a second woman enter the race as John McCain's Vice Presidential running mate, Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska.  She is a true conservative.  She is someone whose name had been bouncing around the internet for months already and I always thought she would be a great pick, just not the choice that McCain would make.  So, I am pleasantly surprised.

One of my staff who is currently working in Europe called me to find out what I thought.  She is a big Obama supporter.  She knew that I was voting for McCain but was shocked to hear how excited I was about his VP choice.  She thought I was joking saying that she believed that Palin was a horrible choice for conservatives.  I explained otherwise.  My completely unexpected reaction left her very confused.  I also heard from my mom, who loved her speech and was excited that a good woman was on the path of the presidency, given if they win, she would probably run in four years for the top job.

I was confident of McCain's chances before, and now I am even more so. Don't even get me started on my concern upon hearing the rumors that McCain's VP pick was Pawlenty!

Go McCainPalin!

'First Female President' - A Fake Milestone


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