Tuesday, August 5

Reimagined 'Sportsmen For Obama' Campaign Posters

When looking through the Obama For President website for my previous post (here) I ran across a 'Sportsmen For Obama' graphic:

OK, this is nice, if you like the guy, but how about issuing something that sportsmen might be able to use, like a target?  So after a couple minutes I came up with this much-more-useful variation:

See, much better.

His main campaign graphic can be edited as well to better 'target' Sportsmen voters:

Now he just needs to ship them to shooting ranges around the country, and he can then collect on the great deal of goodwill his new support for the sport will generate.  At least he can use them to counter claims that he is anti gun with the most pro-gun campaign stuff around.  As a bonus he can claim that these posters are greener than regular ones because they have a dual use.
P.S. No, you don't get any points for shooting in the blue.  What are you doing throwing rounds all the way up there?  If your concerned about scoring, then you can use 'New-math' style scoring where every round that strikes the target rates ten points and every round that misses the target gets ten points as well.



Anonymous said...

other than the fact that he wants to get rid of guns....

real slick chum

Anonymous said...

oh and the fact that he is an absolute idiot

Anonymous said...

I think it is becoming quite clear now, he is a liar too.

And a second rate mass hypnotist. Read up on pacing and leading suggestion and watch his speeches.