Friday, August 15

"Washington and Poland just moved the World closer to War" - Yeah Right

What a load of crap:
The signing on August 14 of an agreement between the governments of the United States and Poland to deploy on Polish soil US ‘interceptor missiles’ is the most dangerous move towards nuclear war the world has seen since the 1962 Cuba Missile crisis. Far from a defensive move to protect European NATO states from a Russian nuclear attack, as military strategists have pointed out, the US missiles in Poland pose a total existential threat to the future existence of the Russian nation. The Russian Government has repeatedly warned of this since US plans were first unveiled in early 2007. Now, despite repeated diplomatic attempts by Russia to come to an agreement with Washington, the Bush Administration, in the wake of a humiliating US defeat in Georgia, has pressured the Government of Poland to finally sign the pact. The consequences could be unthinkable for Europe and the planet. -
Russia's invasion of Georgia is the act bringing Russia closer to war with others.  Nothing else.  Russia does not respect the former Soviet occupied countries and Putin has said before that the breakup of the Soviet Union was one of the worst things to ever happen to Russia.  Poland has to this point not made the agreement so as not to piss of the Russians.  Well now that all have seen that Russia was not just threats, the other states are going to scramble to arm up to protect themselves.  Sure, the US is going to place some missile interceptors in Poland, but Poland is also going to get Patriot missile batteries in exchange.  All the better to shoot down Russian jets with.  The Patriots are entirely defensive in nature, as are the missile interceptors as they are only designed to shoot down missiles in the sky.  And just what is the valid reason Russian has against staging anti-missile missiles?

At least Poland has no Russians living there for Russia to come and protect as the excuse used for invading Georgia.  They all left when the Russian army left in the early 1990's.  I was told by a Polish friend that when the left they stole everything they could get their hands on and load on trucks.  (On top of that, Russia demanded a payment of compensation to withdraw from/leave Poland)

One more thing, we are going to hear more details about war crimes committed by Russian soldiers and pro-Russian militants.  Surely they are killing indiscriminately.  It is mean to be a message to the rest of us to think twice before confronting them, because given the chance, they will just put a bullet in our head.  The west values life.  So Russia wants to make sure that the message gets out that you are surely risking your life if you choose to confront them. (With the idea that you'll just decide that resisting their actions is not worth your life, which is the message in a number of editorials that nobody is going to risk their blood for Georgia.)

As for this "Global Research" group, I can't tell if they are just a bunch of useful idiots or socialist sympathizers.  Seems that they are busy covering all the dictator's backs, Putin, Chavez, Iran.  Looks like a site where good is bad and bad is good. And it's based right up in Canada.  Oh joy.


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