Friday, August 22

Democrats F-Up Everything, Even Email Unsubscription

I have been cleaning up my email accounts and have been unsubscribing from many newsletters that I have been receiving.  Normally the process is simple.  Click on the link and either I get immediate confirmation that I have been removed from their email list or go to a page asking me to hit a confirm button that I actually want to be removed.  It all takes two seconds.

Somehow I got added to the Democrats mailing lists. (Most likely because I emailed them asking when I could order a cool ExxonMcCain t-shirt.  No, I didn't get a reply.)  So it takes me to their website where I have to input my email address.  I found that odd since they know it already and very rarely does any other site ask for that.  Then, instead of getting confirmation that they removed my email address, I get this:

Confirm Your Unsubscription
To ensure the security of your account, we've sent you an email at the address you provided us. This email contains a 4-digit code that you will need to enter below. If you do not see the inbox within a couple of minutes, check your junk or bulk mail folder as your ISP may have incorrectly marked this message as spam.

Are you kidding me?  I can understand that they don't want those 'evil' Republicans to unsubscribe their voter base, but give me a break.  I requested to unsubscribe from inside my email account, and that is something that they should have been able to trust.  So, the only reason they might have this extra step is either because they were too lazy or incompetent to properly code their emails to provide simple removal from their mailing address or they intentionally made the process complicated to deter people from leaving the collective.  

Neither reason is good.

Worse, I am still waiting for that confirmation email.  And no, it's not in my spam folder.  What a bunch of clowns.


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