Wednesday, August 6

Obama 2008 - Talking to Big Oil bad - Talking to Terrorist Regimes Good

This has been on my mind for a while.  It seems that Barack Obama thinks that it's extremely bad to talk to 'Big Oil'.  He restated this most recently in his statements of yesterday.

Yet, at the same time this bozo (and Democrats in general) has no problem offering to talk to 'BIGGER OIL' in the likes of terror-supporting Iran.  Is this how his reasoning goes?  Companies that provide jobs to Americans are bad and should not be able to talk to 'Big government' about the business environment the country's laws and taxes set for them to operate in and which ones are causing problems for growth.  However, countries that kill Americans need our understanding and a free ear to tell us what we are doing that makes them want to kill us. Also odd in his thinking (and Democrats in general) is that the unions that represent employees of these big, evil corporations also get a free ear to tell them how much life sucks working under these corporations.  In each case it seems that the Democrats only want to hear half of the story and they are listening to the wrong half. After all, what good is it to hear from a union that company x is laying off workers without listening to company x explain why he is doing so.

No matter, the Democrat party is marking forward with this 'Big Oil is bad' message with an ExxonMcCain`08 campaign:

Personally, as a shareholder of ExxonMobil (that is its proper name.  It used to be two large oil companies before merging to become the huge company it is now.) I would love to see something like this. Maybe ExxonMcCain will finally open up offshore drilling and lower the cost of doing business in the US so that my dividend payments can increase.  Oddly enough, by restricting the flow of US oil, the Democrats are probably most responsible for ExxonMobil's profits, as higher costs per barrel leave bigger profits to take.  At the very least ExxonMobil is less corrupt than many members of Congress and would not waste time with pork-projects as they would probably result in lost money for them.

Anyway, if the Republicans have Exxon as a running mate, then perhaps Obama's running mate is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Let's call it Obama-Ahmadinejad`08:

Beware of Bigger Oil and beware of presidential candidates who want to destroy our energy supply and go soft on countries that hate us.  Really, which outcome is worse?


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