Friday, February 8

'First Female President' - A Fake Milestone

Part of the 'appeal' of Voting for Senator Clinton for some is the possibility of her being elected as the first female President of the United States.

However, we are only getting one Choice for that honor, Hillary (Mrs. Bill) Clinton. And if you don't want to vote for her you're immediately confronted by her supporters and supporters of the idea that your against America having a woman President.

Too bad the whole issue is a load of bull. Take the race in general so far. Clinton is the only woman running for President but she is not the only one running for President. As we all know, there is also a number of Democrat and Republican men running for the position. At the moment, many supporters find only their candidate acceptable. That is very clear at the moment on the Republican side where the last man standing, Senator John McCain, irritates many conservatives, including myself. Yet there he is, our collective choice, even though most of us don't want him.

The Republicans could have done much better, but we only had the opportunity to select from a small pool of those who chose to run for President. This brings about the real issue here which is not of voting for a woman to be President, but more so of having qualified women step forward to run for President. So far we have one who is asking for the job and I (and many others) find her unacceptable for the position. There are many women in this country who would make a great president. So if the goal is to have a woman president, how about convincing a couple of them to run for the position. Then let's talk about electing the first woman president of the US.

Then again, maybe Clinton isn't the only one in this election vying for the title:

Beyer [Note: She is the wife of former lieutenant governor Donald Beyer] said Obama's "warmth" and his early opposition to the war in Iraq are big selling points with female voters. "In many ways, he really will be the first woman president," she said. - Washington Post

Well, if Bill Clinton could be the first black president, why can't Obama be the first woman president. How ironic would that be.

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xformed said...

Irony, thy party is the party of the "donkey."