Wednesday, February 13

1 Terrorist Smoked - Three Of His Buddies Still Targets

Yes, that terrorist at the bottom of my sidebar was the one that was blown to pieces thanks to a car bomb in Damascus this week. He (Imad Mugniyah) was one of the four TWA Flight 847 hijackers. So while he has been found and eliminated, by somebody, three other ringleaders still remain on the loose. So whoever was behind this bombing, don't forget the following guys who are hanging out either in Syria or in Lebanon; Well within striking distance.

First up is TWA Flight 847 hijacker Mohammed Ali Hamadei. He is the one who executed US Navy diver Robert Stethem. He was released from prison by our German 'friends' and is currently living in Lebanon. The US has requested his extradition, which the Lebanese Government has ignored, just like the Germans did. This however does not stop them from asking the US for handouts of millions of dollars in aid, which the US seems inclined to give them without resolving this important open issue.

Then there is TWA Flight 847 hijacker Hassan Izz-Al-Din.

Finally, there is TWA Flight 847 hijacker Ali Atwa.
He is currently wanted by the United States government for involvement in the June 14, 1985, skyjacking of TWA Flight 847. (He allegedly intended to help hijack the plane but was bumped from the flight. He was arrested but was then released by the Greek government as part of the deal to release the hostages. [Note: To get some Greek hostages released] He then re-joined the hijackers in Algiers onboard the hijacked airplane).This hijacking resulted in the death of United States Navy diver Robert Stethem. - Wikipedia

Something tells me that these guys aren't having a good week and that's a good thing. Surely, this has proved as a good reminder that they remain wanted men and will remain wanted for the rest of their lives. hopefully they will see the inside of a jail cell soon or meet a similar fate as Imad Mugniyah. As bad as it sounds to wish the death of someone, the planet will be much better off without these terrorists occupying it.

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