Sunday, February 10

VA Primary 2008 - For Obama to be Against Obama

It appears that the general thinking is that it will be easier for McCain to beat Hillary Clinton than Barak Obama. However, this means that Hillary needs to be the Democrat nominee and that would mean that she has a fair chance of getting into the White House. I would rather that Hillary loses in the primaries completely eliminating any chance of getting into the White House.

Making sure that Senator McCain beats Senator Obama in the General Election is a problem that can be dealt with later. And anyway, Obama has all sorts of issues against him, you r just not going to hear about them until after he wins the nomination. (Such as who will have access to an Obama White House, Like Senator Ted Kennedy)

Sure, Senator Obama seems to have momentum to win the Democratic nomination, but you can never count out a Clinton until it is over. Clinton's demand that her victories in Florida and Michigan be counted after agreeing to honor a boycott on those two states for violating the party's primary rules is one example of the lengths she will go to in order to get to the White House.

So, since the Republican contest is pretty much over*, I will take the opportunity to vote against Hillary by voting for Obama in the Virginia Primary on Tuesday. Since the primary is open I can choose which primary to vote in. So at least one Clinton vote will be canceled out by my anti-Clinton vote.

Sure, she is expected to lose Virginia, but that is not certain. So I can add one more 'cut' to her political death by a million cuts.

and just because I am (was) for Obama before I was against him, doesn't make me a flip-flopper;)


And all these foreigners think that the election for US President is simply a vote between two candidates. Not so this time. Voting strategy is more like a chess match. (Most likely what will happen is that all the Republicans that vote Democrat on Tuesday in Virginia will probably just cancel each other out. So be it.)

Update: 12 Feb 08
Today Virginia votes. I will go with my daughter after work so that she can play with the touch screen voting machine. I still plan to vote against Hillary instead of voting in the Republican Primary. Take this from a National Review Reader that echoes my thoughts completely:
I think your Virginia Republicans made a big mistake. Given the choice between the ugliness — and effective ugliness — of running against the Clintons or running against a decent guy who eventually has to show his cards, I’ll take the latter every time. - National Review, The Corner

How Do Virginia Republicans and Independents Vote Now? - The Campaign Spot NR

* Yes, there is the issue of Huckabee, but McCain would be insane to choose him as his running mate.

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Adeodatus, SPQR said...

I've argued that conservatives should be grateful to Obama because he may be able to do what few in Arkansas, and none nationally or in New York have been able to do - defeat the Clintons. If Obama wins, he purges them and we are all able to move on.