Tuesday, February 12

VA Primary 2008 - Even Republican Voters Couldn't Help Clinton Win

This is an update to my Virginia Primary strategy post (here) where I explained why I was going to cross over and vote for Obama in order to vote against Hillary Clinton. However, the general consensus seems to be that many Republicans crossed over to vote for Hillary because McCain should have an easier time beating her over Obama. For me, my concern was making sure that Hillary gets eliminated during the primaries, so that there is no chance or her ending up in the White House.

Now I had figured that Obama would win Virginia, but I didn't expect him to win so big over Hillary. The most interesting aspect in that accomplishment is that I can see is that even with Republican voters on her side in Virginia, she still got soundly defeated.

That about says it all other than how ironic it must be that Clinton gets Republicans to vote for her and she still can't win.


As for the Republican Vote, I wonder if Huckabee managed to keep it close because many others, especially independents, crossed over to vote in the Democrat Primary considering that McCain had a Virginia victory locked up.

For me, had I voted in the Republican Primary instead, I probably would have voted for Fred Thompson. After all, nobody asked me to vote for McCain in the Primary and I saw no reason why I should have to hold my nose two times. One time in November is enough for me. Today was my chance to go and vote. John McCain earned the nicnkame 'maverick' because he has done things in Congress his way. Huckabee, despite having no chance of winning, is continuing on despite calls to step down since he has no chance of winning, because he is going to do things his way. So taking their lead, I am going to vote my way, because when you get down to basics, these guys and gal are all clowns, and one of them is going to be the next President, just not Hillary.

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Anonymous said...

After reading your blog I realized that I had found the same lack of commitment from a voter as I have seeing before. Is not what is better for the The reality is: there is no difference between the 2 major parties in the US. Is all the same and both play the great corporation games without a second thought if they are hurting Americans economy. I haven't heard from Obama , Hillary or McCain what are their plans to help an American Institution that is getting dissipated by Dc politics ? Well, I guess that by now you realize that I am talking about our Maritime. As the Hillaries, Obamas, McCains of life play politics and use nice speeches to calm down the frustrated crowds ,I watch the ships roll in but most of them carry foreigner flags . How sad what used to be one of the strong points in our economy is almost gone. What will be left are stories how American lost their Maritime to foreigner flags with help of democratic and republicans ...and the ships rolled out and never came back end up with some new flag from some other country or in the shipyard in India :( Time to wake up America. This is not a rehearsal but American lives and careers .