Sunday, January 14

DC Protesters: "Withdraw Now. Cut and Run Later"

A couple weeks ago I passed by some protesters by the Watergate Building in Washington, DC. The sign they had with them said:

"Withdraw Now. Cut and Run Later."

This, my friends, is the Democrat playbook from Vietnam. First we withdrew our troops, and then later on, Congress cutoff funding for the South Vietnamese Government. It was this final act that doomed the South to defeat. While the US was busy divesting itself of Vietnam, the Soviet Union was busy ensuring victory for their side:
The truth about Vietnam that revisionist historians conveniently forget is that the United States had not lost when we withdrew in 1973. In fact, we grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory two years later when Congress cut off the funding for South Vietnam that had allowed it to continue to fight on its own. Over the four years of Nixon's first term, I had cautiously engineered the withdrawal of the majority of our forces while building up South Vietnam's ability to defend itself. My colleague and friend Henry Kissinger, meanwhile, had negotiated a viable agreement between North and South Vietnam, which was signed in January 1973. It allowed for the United States to withdraw completely its few remaining troops and for the United States and the Soviet Union to continue funding their respective allies in the war at a specified level. Each superpower was permitted to pay for replacement arms and equipment. Documents released from North Vietnamese historical files in recent years have proved that the Soviets violated the treaty from the moment the ink was dry, continuing to send more than $1 billion a year to Hanoi.

The United States barely stuck to the allowed amount of military aid for two years, and that was a mere fraction of the Soviet contribution.Yet during those two years, South Vietnam held its own courageously and respectably against a better-bankrolled enemy. Peace talks continued between the North and the South until the day in 1975 when Congress cut off U.S. funding. The Communists walked out of the talks and never returned. Without U.S. funding, South Vietnam was quickly overrun. We saved a mere $297 million a year and in the process doomed South Vietnam, which had been ably fighting the war without our troops since 1973. - Gateway Pundit
Keep this all in mind in the coming months when Congress pushes to kill our operations in Iraq. Hear all the chatter about a 'civil war' in Iraq. That is the setup to cutting funding after they force the US to withdraw. (If it's a Civil War, why aren't they attacking the Government?)

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