Monday, August 8

Remembering the Manhattan Project and the end of WWII

The use of nuclear weapons signaled the end of WWII. At first America celebrated the victory over Japan, VJ day (14 August.)

Now as Rightwingnutouse points out, while the blame America crowd uses the bomb anniversaries for propaganda, they manage to conveniently forget that it was Japan that started the war by attacking the US at Pearl Harbor. They also manage to forget items of history that we all should remember. So take a look at Right Wing’s post for a list of atrocities that the Japanese have yet to apologize for.

I would also like to remember those who made the bomb program a success. They are truly a group that has not gotten the recognition for their contribution to ending the war.

In addition, here is an incomplete list of some other events that people should be remembering about the end of WWII:

- At the end of WWII the US (eventually) liberated all the land it occupied.
- Even some US Territories gained their independence.

- The Soviet Union held onto every square meter its troops occupied.

- The Soviet Union also occupied the Northern half of Korea, which was occupied by the Japanese. The US occupied the south of Korea. Both sides pledge that Korea will be unified after a temporary occupation.

- The UN holds elections in Southern Korea. (1948)
- The Soviet Union refuses to let the election be held in the North and gives the country to Kim Il-Sung, who was in exile in The Soviet Union.

- NORTH Korea INVADES South Korea (25 June 1950)
- The UN approves force to defend South Korea. (27 June 50)
- UN Forces push the North Koreas back across 38 North. (8 October 50)
- To prevent defeat of the North Koreans, China fights UN Forces. (19 October 50)
- To prevent defeat of the North Koreans, Soviet Union Pilots fight for the North.

North Korea gives American POWs to the Soviet Union (They were never returned)

Just amazing, we have the Soviet Union to thank for not only the birth of North Korea, but also for the Korean War. By default, we can thank the Russian Government for the current state of North Korea.

And to think that the left (in America and Europe) proclaimed a strong Soviet Union a good thing for America. Now without a strong Soviet Union, the left is saying that a nuclear Iran, North Korea, an militarily strong China will provide balance against the strengths of the US, without giving a thought about the strength of America’s restraint.
Now, some are calling a “balance of terror” a good thing. (anonymous comment #42.)

Of course these same voices blame lots of the problems on the strong US and that we should voluntarily weaken, like our enemies will simply stop. For years we let them live out their dreams in Afghanistan (which we can thank the Soviet Union for destabilizing.) But having their own country, laws (and US aid) was not good enough. They had to come after us because we were not living they way they wanted. After all, the world is Gray. To that I say BULL, and it just so happends that I wrote about Seeing things in Black and white instead of in shades of gray as the subject of my very first post.

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Anonymous said...

Each day I wait for North Korea to fall apart like East Germany did. Too bad the people there are living in a hell on earth in 'almost' as bad a place as Amerika!