Sunday, February 1

Better way to Spend $825 Billion in the Name of Stimulus

I have already written my views on what I think of the sham Stimulus program here (See: Pelosi - Reid - Obama - Recession Extension Bill). Today, my father was trying to get a grasp on how much money was at stake here and wanted me to confirm that a billion is 1,000 million. Which got me thinking. Turns out when thinking in millions of dollars, the stimulus package totals $825,000 million dollars.

Now, add that with the Democrat comment that they can't promise that spending all this money will create any jobs. ZERO. This is what the Democrats call 'Stimulus'. I would call that lying and possibly even stealing. So, my position is still that none of it should be spent. However, I think I have a better plan on what to do with the money if it turns out that they do decide to spend it.

Lets have the US Government hold the world's richest lottery. The lottery will have 800,000 first prizes of $1 million each. The money would be given tax free and received in a lump sum. You would have to be an American Citizen to be entered. I would exclude people who have not paid their taxes, those in jail, those with open warrants for arrest and those who are convicted felons. (But these are all details that can be sorted out later. I am thinking 'big picture') But, each American is entered one time and can only win once. Both rich and poor would be qualified. That is how lotteries work.

I bet that this sort of stimulus program will create much more 'stimulation' of the economy than anything else Congress comes up with. Many will quit their jobs making opening for others. Some of this money will be spent, creating jobs in business. This would be great for the American automakers as many of these people will immediately go out and buy new cars. Then they will all need to purchase better housing. This is much better than what Nancy Pelosi and our President want to spend the money on.

To be clear, my plan is not guaranteed to create any jobs either. But, my plan creates eight hundred thousand new millionaires. That is something the Democrat plan can't promise either.

So what other better ideas are out there?
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