Monday, February 2

Finnish Triple-Murderer Freed From Prison (AGAIN)

So, lets do this one more time, right. What could go wrong?
Life prisoner Nikita Fouganthine was granted conditional release from Riihimäki prison on Monday morning. The Supreme Court reversed a Helsinki Court of Appeal decision that would have kept Fouganthine behind bars.

In December 2007, the Helsinki Court of Appeal granted Fouganthine a conditional release. However the court revoked its decision in June 2008 after Fouganthine was found guilty of aggravated endangerment of traffic safety while on parole.

The Supreme Court said that while Fouganthine broke the law while on parole, his new offences warranted a milder punishment when compared to his original crime.

Fouganthine, formerly known as Juha Valjakkala, was handed a life sentence in 1988 for murdering three people in Sweden. - YLE News Finland

He was let out almost a year ago in February, 2008. He was only free a couple months before ending up back in jail. This guy has a history of getting into trouble and attempting to escape. Basically, getting a free pass every time. Lets not forget the reason why he was in jail:
Juha Veikko Valjakkala (born June 13, 1965) became a part of Finnish and Swedish crime history in 1988 when he was convicted of the murder of a family of three at a cemetery in the northern Swedish community of Åmsele.

The series of events that led to the murders began when the 22-year-old Valjakkala was released from a prison in Turku on May 1, 1988, after which he started wandering through Sweden and Finland with his 21-year-old girlfriend Marita Routalammi.

On July 3 they arrived in Åmsele. After nightfall Valjakkala stole a bicycle. He was pursued by Sten Nilsson and his 15-year-old son Fredrik. The chase ended at a cemetery where Sten and Fredrik Nilsson were both shot by Valjakkala with a shotgun. Later Sten's wife and Fredrik's mother, Ewa Nilsson, went looking for the two and was stabbed to death by Valjakkala outside the cemetery. Valjakkala and Routalammi were caught in Odense, Denmark just over a week later.

Valjakkala was given a life sentence on three counts of murder, while Routalammi got off with two years for complicity in assault and battery. Routalammi was released after serving half of her time, and Valjakkala was transferred to Finland to serve out the rest of his sentence.

In April 1994 Valjakkala fled the Riihimäki prison where he was being held. He took a teacher as a hostage, but he was apprehended nearby and the hostage escaped the situation unscathed. He has also tried to escape once in 1991. - Wiki
Releasing this guy from jail has brought others around him nothing but trouble. Worse, he basically gets no additional time for these crimes he commits while out because they are 'minor' compared to the reason why he is already in jail. What insanity, especially considering that the time for that original crime has been seen as served. (Life does not mean life over there.) So it should be seen as new time. Good luck getting liberals to accept that.

What trouble is he going to cause this time?

I am guess that he will be back in jail within four months. I would prefer he to end up back there before I travel to Finland next month!
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Anonymous said...

hope you'll enjoy your time in Finland! Guess it'll be hard to not bring up this f**kers name while you're over there.

Visit Stockholm, Sweden too, it's a great place! : )

Fred Fry said...

I hope so too!

I would love to visit Stockholm! I have not been there in a while....