Wednesday, January 28

Pelosi - Reid - Obama - Recession Extension Bill

Kudos to the House Republicans who all voted against the 'Stimulus' Bill that will do little to create any jobs other than inside Government itself.

Sure, people will be hired to do things like re-sod (or re-seed) the Mall in the Capital, but what the hell are they going to do after that? (And when are they going to do this anyway since it is currently winter...)

$800+ billion dollars. For what? This is money that is going to be spent by the Government. Say they spend some money to buy more cars to help the big three automakers. Sure they save some jobs now, but part of the problem those companies have at the moment is that they have too many employees to begin with. The automaker union kept employment artificially high. So instead of a steady and manageable layoff of workers over years, we are going to get them dumped into the unemployment system all at once. And with Government 'stimulus' instead of dumping them on the unemployment rolls now, we get to suffer through this in a year or two, or three, after spending this money. So instead of stimulating new jobs, the Democrats are pushing to stretch out this recession to keep people busy for a little while longer. That way I s this massive spending scam as not much more than a money grab that will extend the recession not shorten it.

Worse, some of this money is going to people who currently pay no taxes. President Obama's excuse is that these people do pay taxes, they pay Social Security and Medicare taxes. Well, I think that is great that they do, and I bet they get back more than they pay in. (And if they don't just yet SCHIP will make sure that they do.) Everyone needs to contribute to our society. And people who earn so little that the only taxes they pay are going to be handed back to them, just how are we ever going to get them to pay taxes again? The next step will be protests that the handouts from Government for them are not good enough. (Just like the unemployed that strike in France.)

Then there are things in this sham stimulus bill like money for contraceptives which may or may not end up in the final version of the bill. (I am not sure if it survived this vote and if not it might always be 'airdropped' in later) How bad is the contraceptive idea? Well, my wife is from Finland and they have 'free' public health care. And you still have to pay for contraceptives there as it is not covered by health care. So there you have it, Nancy Pelosi is trying to make America more socialist than Socialist countries in Europe. (If we are going to do this, then I think the Government should only pay for birth control if they are paying to sterilize people.) Anyway, what the hell is wrong with condoms? some of the major cities are giving those away for free already. And if you can't afford or be bothered to use some sort of protection, then perhaps your not responsible enough to have sex.

How serious is President Obama about creating jobs? Not so much looking at how his new Interior Secretary was unable to flatly state whether the White House will let offshore drilling go forward or not:
WASHINGTON -- Interior Secretary Ken Salazar indicated Tuesday that the Obama administration could be open to expanded offshore drilling and is considering doing away with a controversial program that allows oil companies to pay in kind for oil and natural gas taken from public lands.

Environmental groups want the Obama administration to re-impose a ban on expanded offshore drilling that President George W. Bush lifted last year. The Bush administration plan would open tracts off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts where drilling had been prohibited.

Asked in an interview with The Wall Street Journal whether President Barack Obama might try to reinstate the ban, Mr. Salazar paused 18 seconds before saying: "I don't know." - Wall Street Journal
Letting the Bush expansion of offshore oil drilling will do more to create jobs than Democrats with $825 Billion of your money to spend. As a bonus, offshore oil drilling will cost the Government nothing. In fact, it will create lots of revenue for the Government in the forms of royalties for the oil and taxes paid. Plus it is a great way to get people off unemployment rolls.

Not drilling will not create any jobs. And at the moment it looks like there won't be. Obama will let Congress revisit this issue and kill it off for him:
Interior Secretary Ken Salazar indicated on Tuesday that he intends to scrap the Bush administration's leasing plan that would have opened the coasts to drilling, even as he said the Obama administration is open to some expanded development of offshore oil and gas fields.

The Bush administration's DOI issued a draft of a five-year leasing plan several days before leaving office, following on the expiration of the outer continental shelf moratorium last fall. But Salazar told the Associated Press that his department plans to work with Congress to craft "a plan that makes sense" for offshore oil and gas development in the context of a broader energy policy. -
So, as long as Congress does not agree to a new plan, no new drilling. Worse, with the current low price of oil, offshore oil jobs might actually decrease as it becomes unprofitable for oil companies to drill for oil deep offshore. Expanding the areas available for drilling will open up areas where the oil is easier and cheaper to extract. And remember that every time that oil prices rise, Democrats dismiss the idea of drilling because it will take years for the oil to enter the marketplace. This means that you need to drill for it when it is cheap, like now. So there is a second reason to create these jobs. Good luck getting that out of this White House or Congress.

Maybe the country just needs to go through this period of national stupidity to once again prove that the country can't support everyone and that the best way to support yourself is to get a job. And despite all the doom and gloom that Democrats are spouting, there are still jobs out there. Look at the Washington DC District Government. They still have lots of unfilled job openings. How about stimulating the Government to make use of those already created jobs to help stimulate the economy. That costs nothing since they expect to pay for these salaries already.

Really, what are the various Governments in the US planning to do with all these unfilled jobs? Why are they hiding them? (Snapshot of just a couple of many jobs posted on the DC Jobs Applicant website)

Just say no to 'Stimulus'!

Its spoiled!

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