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My original post on this guy "Simply Put, Timothy Geithner is a Tax Cheat" pretty much covers what I thought about his claim to have made a mistake in forgetting that the $34,000+ IN EXTRA MONEY he received from a past employer should have been paid to the IRS like all the documents he signed to get the extra money told him he needed to do. (And the IRS audit pointed out that he failed to do.)
It is ridiculous to accept his excuse that he just made a mistake. AT BEST he made many mistakes in this matter. But for a person to be reminded of what he needed to do and receive money for the purpose of making these payments makes him a tax cheat. Even if this is all one big misunderstanding, he still should not be confirmed simply because this does not look like a simple misunderstanding. Its looks like he acted in his own best interest and for that reason alone, should not be rewarded with this Government position.

By keeping his tax payments he stole from the US Treasury. And now Congress wants to put him in charge of it. This would be the same as a bank hiring a former bank robber. - Link
This guy should never have been rewarded with a promotion to Treasury Secretary. He should have been fired from his present job and banned from any Government employment. Now as I mentioned before, when do I get my chance to pay my taxes voluntarily?

Here is another take on this tax cheat's appointment, made by Ace of Spaces contributor 'Dr.John':

This guy is tainted by his past actions. Whether he did not pay intentionally or by mistake does not matter as many like myself think that it looks like he intentionally did not pay taxes he was required to. And that brings up a good point, since when does the Government accept the excuse that you didn't know or that you forgot? And you can be that this will only encourage more people to try. How about maxing out on payroll deductions to minimize your tax withholding and then just 'forgetting' to file your taxes, keeping what should have been paid to the IRS, instead waiting for the IRS to come and collect the money.

Hell, look at China. This Idiot Geithner accuses China of manipulating their currency. If I were China I would be looking at Geithner's list of excuses and throw them right back at him. How does the following sound:
- We didn't know that we should not be manipulating our currency?
- We forgot to stop manipulating our currency?
- It was not our intention to manipulate our currency?
- It is TurboTax's fault!
Shame on Congress for Confirming this Cheat. Shame on the Obama Administration for passing up other highly qualified non-cheating Americans who remember to pay ALL their taxes. Finally, shame on the Republicans who voted for this guy. Here was an easy place to make a stand and remind the Democrats of their goal of making the Government more accountable and ethical. Instead they rubber-stamp this guy. This is why you guys keep losing elections.
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Anonymous said...

No surprise - USA is run by criminals. Hiring Geithner sent a message to all honest tax cheating U.S. Americans to keep on doing just that and to actually increase tax cheating - honestly, it is ok to do that now, since the chief of IRS is a respectful tax cheat and is applauded by all tax cheats and criminals. ***Long, emotional ovations***