Tuesday, January 20

Now that we are all Proud of Our Country...

Whatever the reason, it is great to hear that so many people are joining the rest of us in being proud of Our Country.

And now that we are all proud of Our Country, surely we will all want to make Our Country a better place to live. So, there are a couple things our newest flag-wavers can help with:
This is by no means a complete list, but it is a good start to work with if you want to see the parts of the country that need the most help get better to improve life for those who live there. The Incoming President alone is not going to make this country any better. It is up to the citizens of the US to make this country great, not just up to our leader.

As for the rest of us, lets hope that they don't all turn out to be 'fairweather' Patriots. I am not sure what we can do to prevent that. (Other than always giving them what they want, which is not going to happen)
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