Monday, August 27

Black Culture Update

There are many truths on this planet that are not nice to hear about. Often it is easier to simply accept the excuses provided. Back in May I wrote about problems in the black community in "Is Black Culture behind the DC AIDS Epidemic?" where I connected black culture to Washington, DC's AIDS epidemic, which is the highest in the US and is one of the highest in the World. A relevant part of the damaging culture being the idiotic and suicidal 'Stop Snitching' movement.

'Stop snitching' does not seem to bother the black community, nor does it seem do murders. No, the black community is busy chasing after people who try and point out the basic problems of the black community, like the cartoonist who drew this cartoon"

Here is the reaction of the Jacksonville Leadership Coalition to the cartoon:
racist, culturally insensitive and degrading to African-American women. - News 4 Jax
This is their concern? What about the friggin dead guy? What about the murderer and his 'stop snitching' BS who is the real problem? What kind of future is this little girl going to have in an environment like this?

How much of a problem is the stop snitching movement? Huge:
Those rules are making it much harder for the police to catch killers, according to Professor David Kennedy of The John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Kennedy works with communities and police departments all over the country. Nationwide, he says, police are able to arrest a suspect in about 60 percent of the homicide cases they investigate. That’s known as the "clearance rate."

But Kennedy says in some neighborhoods the rate is much, much lower. "I work in communities where the clearance rate for homicides has gone into single digits."

The unwillingness to come forward, Kennedy says, lies at the core of the problem. - 60 Minutes
I wonder, are the community 'leaders' so pissed off not because of the name calling, but because of the attention that it brings to the real problems that they are refusing to address.

Oddly enough, Blacks are already overrepresented in the prison population. Just imagine how many blacks would be in prison if the stop snitching movement was not protecting criminals from arrest. Then again, if they knew that they were going to get caught, then maybe they wouldn't commit the crime in the first place.

That however will not be the case as long as BS like this continues to happen.

And until black communities decide that criminals are not going to define their community, they will never tackle their AIDS and crime problems. Problems of their own making.

Sure the cartoon was disrespectful. But, it is only documenting the total lack of respect in the black community for others and for the law.

H/T to THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS whose post "FORBIDDEN REALITY" is the inspiration for this post. Go and read his take of events.

My original post on this subject:
Is Black Culture behind the DC AIDS Epidemic? - 4 May 2007


Ari Sawyer said...

Growing up as a suspect of crime, without opportunity of education or any outlet, why should any child in any society trust the police?

Anonymous said...

"Growing up as a suspect of crime, without opportunity of education or any outlet, why should any child in any society trust the police?"

Three unintelligent statements in a row..

Reading books and educating one's self, not only provide and outlet, but a solid foundation for conquering nearly all of life's endeavours.

As far as the Stop Snitching mantra.. this is one of my fears with regard to the 'Wikileaks' situation. Think about it..