Thursday, August 16

UNDP Removes Critical Paragraph from Wikipedia

Thanks to the Wikipedia Scanner, you can see that a person using an internet connection whose IP address ( points back to the UNDP, removed the following paragraph from the United Nations Development Programme's Wikipedia entry.
=== Disarmament and controversy ===
In mid-2006, as first reported by Inner City Press and then by The New Vision, UNDP halted its disarmament programs in the Karamoja region of Uganda in response to human rights abuses in the parallel forcible disarmament programs carried out by the Uganda People's Defense Force. - Link to edit page
Here is a screen shot showing the the original text that was targeted by the UNDP WikiVandal:

Here is a screen shot showing the UNDP IP Address editing the entry by removing the entire paragraph:

Oddly enough, the issue goes back to the summer of 2006. This entry was recently deleted on the second of August. The UNDP is not alone in editing their own Wikipedia entries. However, this was a valid issue and this was an attempt by someone in the Organization to bury it. That is not right, especially for the United Nations.

Go read the Inner City Press story and see what the UNDP was trying to hid from you.


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