Saturday, August 4

Homemade Sicilian Pizza

Here are some photos of a recent attempt to make American-style Sicilian pan pizza:

The dough recipe is my own which took into consideration of the following two pizza blog posts:
Improved Tray Pizza - Round 2 - Pizza Maniac
First Attempt at Tray Pizza - Pizza Maniac
The special characteristics of this pie are:
- Pepper mixture in the dough, which is made from scratch
- Pizza sauce made from scratch
- Half the pie is topped with Parmesan cheese, the other half with a mixture of mozzarella and white cheddar
- Liberal application of basil, oregano and a mixture of peppers
I have been trying to make at least one pie a week. It takes a little effort since both making the sauce and the dough take time. However, the results seems to justify the effort as every time I have made one, it has been very well received.

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