Monday, January 19

Thank You President Bush

It has to be one of world's hardest jobs. No matter who has the job and how well they do it, there will always be criticism and second-guessing of whatever the President of the United States does, even the popular ones.

President Bush has taken an eight year assault from enemies both foreign and domestic as well as from liberals who used whatever facts, regardless of accuracy or truthfulness, to slander the President and belittle the position of President. Many have behaved in ways that brought discredit upon themselves, and the United States. In some respects, they have damaged America's standing in the world more so than anything the President might have done. Much of the time, the President has simply ignored the criticisms and slander and concentrated on the job at hand.

President Bush has overseen many good things that this Country has done during his term. Do I have complaints about how the last eight years? Of course. But his term is all over now, so I would like to simple say Thank You President Bush! (And Thank You Vice President Dick Cheney too!)

Presidents Washington and Bush.

Mr. Cheney, see you around the neighborhood, neighbor.

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