Thursday, July 10

Update: Why Obama and the Democrats Now Want FISA Passed

Well the Democrats have finally gone and passed FISA legislation to the consternation of their more-radical followers. These Democrats in Congress appear to acknowledge that there is a real terrorist threat out there that their followers either simply want to ignore or want to escape capture by the US. Than again, I guess they can't really explain to their followers that they passed this now because they are sure that Obama will be the next president, and they want to make sure that he and they have the power to spy on their followers, at least those who make international phone calls.  As I suggested before:

Simply put, they all think that Obama is going to be the next President. So giving it to Bush for six months is an acceptable price to them for then giving an Obama Administration the power to wiretap international calls without a warrant.  Plus, they can get past all of the furor now, prior to him taking office, effectively blaming Bush. (Once again.) - Me, on 27 June
One point missed in all of this 'outrage' is what makes any of these moonbats think that the government on the other side of the phone conversation isn't listening in on their phone conversations as well? The discussion so far only concerned wiretaps on the US end of the line.  Some of those countries that have worse places than GITMO. The US Government listening in on your phone calls is the least of your problems.  When was the last time you made an international call?  For those who do, get over yourselves, the government is not interested in you, unless you work with an NGO that spends their time defending suspected terrorists.  As the ACLU admitted before, they were communicating with people "likely to have been targets of the wiretapping."  And just what kind of people might those be?

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