Wednesday, July 2

I have a Great Mother-In-Law

I have a great mother-in-law.

I told my wife this and her first question was 'Is it because she irons your underwear?'

Of course that's a reason. But that's not all:

  • She is a good cook 

  • She makes sure that I have enough to eat and drink 

  • She makes sure that I have plenty of beer

  • She lives 6,000 miles away

  • She will never show up at my house unannounced

  • The only nagging is when she wants to know when we're coming back

  • She is a great grandmother, allowing us to leave the kids

  • She told us that we would probably be crazy to move back to Finland

  • She is a great kidder and generally a pleasant person to be around

  • She doesn't speak English

So complain about your mother-in-laws all you want. They are not all that bad. There must be plenty more good ones around.

My mother-in-law as a child

This last trip I had brought a find-it game as a gift. The game drove her crazy trying to find some of the harder to locate items, especially the sunflower. It didn't help with me going around the corner out of her sight and 'surfacing' some of the items she just couldn't find, like the sunflower.  I knew it would drive her crazy.

The Find-it sunflower surfaces in Finland

All-in-all, she is a very good sport.


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