Thursday, July 3

Target Practice

So it is Wednesday and I have gone back to going to the range on Wednesday nights.  I normally start with my 45 and then switch to the 22 rifle.

(.22 Cal Iver Johnson Mini M-1 Rifle kneeling at 50 feet)

The nice thing about these targets is that you either get 10 points or you get nothing.  Kind of like in real life.

Funny, two lanes down was a guy with a revolver. It was the loudest (scariest sounding) weapon there. So I wonder just what Washington, DC is thinking in allowing registration of revolvers and not semi-automatics like the M1911? Maybe the mayor should take a trip to the range. Of course he needs to go to Virginia to do that!  (I am pretty confident that DC will be forced to abandon their idiotic semi-auto handgun ban, eventually.)


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